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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Horn party

I just came from the end-of-the-year horn party, and basically.....I'm gonna miss all those peeps.

We sat and talked (still for a decent amount of time, even though I was late -- I lost track of time playing my games), ate food , and then watched Jurassic Park. Considering it was with a bunch of band people (and since it contained music that 7 of the 12 people there had played in a concert), the music was especially note-worthy (Haaaaah. Pun).

John Williams composed it, of course, and if you didn't know, he's a horn player.
Need I say more? It only figures that he wrote the most epic horn parts out there today. It's pure auditory candy.

What's better, though, is that two girls there hadn't seen it before. I couldn't help but laugh at the effect the scary parts had on everybody, especially on those who didn't know it was coming, BUT--to make it better, our very own Mr Snow decided to scream at the jumpy parts and make the whole room freak out! It was amazing. :)

I'll reiterate: I will miss them.
They're all excellent horn players and musicians. Most of them I couldn't even begin to rival in their skill. They dedicate much more time into playing than I do, and it shows. Each one of them made me bump up my skill; I had to grow into my position when it came to horn choir and symphonic band alike. I got better, with the entirety of the thanks to them.

Suddenly I wish we had taken a picture of us all together. Even then, though, forgetting would be impossible, rendering a photo useless, and all the pictures I need are of the memory-video variety.

Thanks, you guys.

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