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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Straaange things were happenin' last night...

It was a night of cool stuff, and lucky stuff, and pretty okay stuff. Oh, and fun stuff.

The Jazz II concert was a success. We played some good music.
[[I'll edit this with a link or two to the songs we played.]]
That concert got owned (but....it did its share of owning in a couple of ways, too).
About midway through the very first song, I realized my chops were going out. It's a killer song, to begin with, but I wasn't going to push it very hard. Lots of octave-lower stuffs.

Beyond the Sea was my favorite, by far. I had the flugelhorn duet with the lead alto. Flugelhorns are the coziest high-brass instruments out there. It's like.....hmm.
Imagine a trumpet and a French horn having children, but with the trumpet contributing most of the dominant traits. It's a trumpet, mostly, but the tone is deep and dark like a horn. S'the best.
(...this is a flugelhorn, in case you didn't know...)

Apart from one solo that I wasn't really ready for ("Chicken Scratch"), it was a lot of fun. 
It's decidedly so:  there's no shame in playing an octave lower if you're bound to mess up the high notes.

Later that night, I StumbledUpon a website that had a list of games "that make you think about life". Some of the games are ingenious. The creators really put a lot of thought into them, and they have crazy-deep meaning. This is the website. I personally like "The Company of Myself", both for the gameplay, and for the seriously emotional plot line. It tugs at something in a mind, it does... Enjoy them, eh?

Next up, events pretty much fueled each other... First, two local girls were throwing things at mine and my roommate's windows. We sneaked outside to try to scare them off, but they were gone by the time we detoured around the block. I went back to Stumbling, then heard more things hit the window, so I rushed out of my room to go scare 'em. They were coming up the stairs to my apartment (go figure) so I popped down over the rail and rawr'd at them. Scared 'em good!
They/we started playing Guitar Hero and stopped sometime around 2:30/3:00 AM. Meanwhile, one girl had opened the front window in order to cool down the room a bit.

Once they left, I moseyed back to my room and sat, plugging in my phone and whatnot. Then I heard sounds coming from the living room, like someone was messing with the blinds. I grabbed my sword from the ground (of course) and turned on the hall light. When I got to the living room, there was just a cool breeze coming in from the screen-less window and frantic footsteps running downstairs.

Yeah--we were almost burglarized at about 4:00 AM last night. Not sleeping pays off, apparently.
I figured I ought to report it to the police that some hoodlum is climbin' in yo windows, so the next half hour was talking to an officer over the phone, relaying info, blah blah.  I didn't sleep until about 5:00; the adrenaline was gone by then.

In hindsight, I almost wish I hadn't turned on a light and the dude had come inside. It would have been pretty funny to see his reaction to me holding a 3-foot katana, yelling at him (and surely waking up my roommates) while he frantically tried to either get out the window or the locked door.  I suppose if he was armed, there could've been a li'l tussle, so I'm fortunate to have scared him off.

Still......I wanted to go all samurai on his butt.

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