A brief explanation of the title, Sepiated Spirals - スト-カ-...

    We carry notebooks everywhere in our college lives, with often a different one for each class, so the simple act of writing down our thoughts at the turn of a fresh page is always available.

    Altogether, biology, English, math, come together into a myriad of experiences and ideas throughout the day.

    Old ideas combine with new, and we learn from our sepia-toned past.

    The background image is a sepia-tone shot of interlinked spiral notebooks - the eiptome of Sepiated Spirals.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stalking the stalkers!

Not to creep you guys out or anything, but.....

.....I stalk you as much as you stalk Sepiated Spirals.

Blame the stat counter, and IP addresses, and my ability to reason out when you look at my blog from said stat counters and IP addresses.

Yeah, I'm a creeper sometimes.

Forgive me, eh?



  1. i'm so glad because i was starting to feel very stalker-ish and it would make me feel ever so much better if you would stalk me as well (all thought if you try to stalk my blog i will have to first let you only thouse i choose may read my blog... i like to rant)