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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A funny website!

I've been browsing around Bored.com tonight looking for something funny, and came across this site: http://www.iusedtobelieve.com/

It's got submissions from people telling of strange and funny things they believed as a child. Here's an example of one...

"I had a strange fear that if I closed my eyes in the bathtub, William Shakespeare would come up through the drain and kill me. I knew his name, but I had no idea who he was, so I just naturally assumed he was some sort of bathtub vampire.

Some are hilarious, so everyone HAS to go there and read them. It makes me think of strange things I believed as a kid, and makes me wonder if I thought any crazy stuff that I don't remember now.

Anyway, I'll see everyone later.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

What the...? Crap!! I wrote a novel blog entry again..!

Ok! So now I have some time to at least post the date I went on yesterday (8-8-08).

Last Saturday, Cherisa asked me if I wanted to go on a date with her. Of course I said yes -- I needed to do something interesting, anyway.
Friday came along, and Cherisa and Nicole pulled up to my house to pick me up, with Veggie Rocks music blaring in Cherisa's car. I hopped in, and we cruised up to Jordan's to retrieve him. Let me just say now that Cherisa drives FAST!! We went down the back roads going 45+!! It...was....fun....!
If I weren't so paranoid of getting pulled over, I would speed all the time.
So we got to Nicole's house just in time to finish the same song we started at Jordan's all the way across town, then piled out to do....something. I didn't know what the two girls had planned, and neither did Jordan. It turned out that we were going to make bagel pizzas and have cupcakes for dessert. The one problem at the time was that Nicole's mom wasn't home with the pizza stuff, so we ate the cupcakes instead. All the while, Cherisa was telling Jordan, "You're so going to heart me for these!". He bit into one with pleasure, and I smelled my cupcake and knew...They had Reese's baked into them. I'm not one to offend anyone, especially if they made good food for me, so I tested my will and downed a cupcake. It wasn't terrible, but I got my peanut butter fix for the next year or two. On a positive note, I didn't die or anything, so I'm at least not allergic! Hehe
We (or should I say Jordan) ate the cupcakes and deliberated what to do next. Cherisa had brought that we decided to watch later on, so we ultimately chose to go to Cherisa's to look at her home's remodeling and look for cardboard boxes to cut and tape into cool stuff. However....there weren't any boxes there we could use, so we took a drive to Home Depot then ACE, but discovered they crushed their boxes and didn't have any available. Luckily, Sears did have a couple small boxes and a huge refrigerator box in the back that we asked to take. We shoved em into Cherisa's amazing car and I drove us back to Nicole's. I guess Cherisa didn't want to intertwine getting pulled over for speeding with the fact two people were in the back seat sitting on folded cardboard without seat belts. I must say, that car just has a vibe that says, "SPEED!!!" I wanted to speed....it was coolly weird. Back at Nicole's, we ate pizza bagels and watched the movie, Prince Caspian, and had to head out just before 4:00 because Jordan had to sing at the Fair. While we were waiting, Joe-D popped up and asked if Cherisa had a keyboard (the piano kind, just to clarify). So, Cherisa, JD, and I hopped into the car and Cherisa drove us to her house within 3 minutes. It was insane! We went 60mph up a road, and on the same road on the way back went 65!! I told Cherisa just before we arrived at the fair grounds, "I've never felt like I was about to die more times than today, but I don't care because this is AWESOME!!" Speed = Fun, but also equals impending doom....heh
Back at the Fair, Jordan sang and did well enough to sing again today, so here's hoping for him to win! It also turns out my rose got a blue ribbon, though it's not a big surprise because I had the only thing in that division.....Oh well, there's $3 in it for me. Captain Shiverdecker (he's the student director helping Mrs Street with Macbeth stuff) was there judging the singers, so we had a bit 'o fun with him. We just waved all strange-ly to him and he said "Hello, students." and went on with his addressing-of-the-winners. Afterward, we
headed back to Nicole's to finish Caspian, and went outside to make rockets to Mars out of the boxes! We made two over time (and time I don't have right now to explain what they looked like; Brigadoon practice looms..) and we blasted off in the driveway. I wanted to make a space laser gun from a thick chunk of cardboard, so I sawed through it into the right shape and attempted to sheath the steak knife I was using into a scrap of cardboard. It slipped through and stabbed me, so to speak. It just looked like I had freshly popped a blister, with a small blood slash at the bottom. I was really fortunate. The blade wasn't sharp at the tip, otherwise it would have been much deeper and serious.
In all that fun, we realized Brigadoon was coming for Jordan, Nicole, and I, so we headed over to the practice site and ended up concluding the date there. Cherisa stayed a while, but I was kind of in acting-mode, so didn't have the chance to talk to her much. I kinda regret that...I could have taken a bit of time, but....oh well.

It was really fun, and I thank all three of em for it. Even though I was a year older than the three of them, I didn't feel it that day. It was too cool to hang out with em and be weird.
Again, though, Brigadoon practice calls to me, so I'm going to go suffer through another four hours to add to the five we already practiced this morning....(haha, kidding, I like it)

You won't regret it when you see how well we do!!

I'm off -- Have a great weekend everyone. Really :)


It's too late to post anything but this short note now; I have to go to bed to get up for Brigadoon at 7:00 tomorrow. At the rate it's going, I'll only have 6 hours of sleep YET AGAIN... Ah well, it's show business, eh?

This is a reminder to myself to tell about 8-8-08 and the day I had.

Until the the next moment I have time to spare,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Minesweeper failure

Man...!! Look how close I was to beating Expert on Minesweeper!

That really sucked! But I surprised myself by getting that far.....hehe.

It's been a pretty good day

As today's title says, my day was quite enjoyable...

I started off waking up around 7:30 (but only actually getting out of bed at 9:00) to go to my first practice of Once Upon a Mattress, yet another musical/play thing! It's pretty cool; I am Sir Studley....Now, inform me of who DOESN'T like a name like that!!! :þ
Afterward, Cherisa gave me a ride home. We figured out how to put a big bike in her trunk, and I showed her that her back seats fold down to get to the trunk, hehe. Good times in keeping a trunk door (would it be called a door?) from flying open using only a metal coat hanger....Gotta love those MacGyver moments.

At around 12:00, Cherisa came back to give me a ride to Macbeth practice at Street's house. I have to say, that's the first time I've been down 4th West at 40 mph. It was honestly fun, albeit risky. The Pirate (or so Nicole calls him) is great. He's a student director staying with the Streets (I think), and he's helping with Macbeth. Today Mrs Street wasn't there, so Christian (his real name, I do believe) took over. We started off with an improv game where each of our names had an action/emotion, and had to set it up in a sequence. First we did Cherisa's, which was lying on the ground in a kind of girly pose. Then Cachae's (I probably murdered spelling her name..) which was jumping up into the air excitedly. Becky's was a kind of crazy, wobbly arm movement where we touched each other's shoulder in turn like a wave. Then Jordan's, which was a kind of...um...'suggestive' pose. Jordan and I took a step back from the three girls and did it at them, and they did it back at us. It was funny! Finally, mine was a low, elegant bow.
After that, we stretched out a bit, then played another game where we had to stare at something outside of a circle formation we were put into, but still focus on everyone there while we counted down from 10 to 1, with random people saying the numbers in turn. If two people said the same number at the same time, we had to start back at 10. After a while (and a fair number of failures) we got it, then went inside to eat watermelon before going to the Lion's Park to do some more stuff.
Once there, we tried an "emotional symphony" game, where a conductor conducts people who are portraying different emotions, like humor, sadness, fear, anger, etc. Fear might scream, and Humor would laugh. Very fun.
The last improv game we tried was kind of like the ones you see on Whose Line is it Anyway? all the time. Earlier we had written 3 quotes on slips of paper, and we stockpiled them all into a bowl thingy. We were then split into couples, given a setting and a topic, then let loose. We improvised a story, and every now and then pulled one of the quotes out to read. It was awesome when the quotes worked out and fit in with what was going on! Definitely funny! Jordan and I were at a playground and were supposed to throw in electricity for the theme....I forgot about the electricity, and kind of dropped the ball when Jordan said something about Benjamin Franklin, but overall it worked out fine.
Finally, we read through Act II in Macbeth. It's pretty intense, and even more so whenever Christian stops us to explain or ask questions about it. This is pretty much the second time I've read through it before, so that's a plus, too (knowing the story and what's going on, namely).

I went home, then went to Spencer's to play Brawl for a bit. We ultimately got bored, and went to Gamestop/Walmart to get stuff, like clothespins.....Hahaha, in due time I'll post a blog saying what I'll do with those clothespins...It's great! Then, considering I didn't have a car, Spencer drove me to the Sevier County Fair to turn in a rose I made out of paper. Hopefully I can win in the origami division - it'll be cool if I do. I'll post a picture of the rose when I get it back. In the end, though, I do have to give it back to the person I made it for originally.

I hung around home, reading, until Brigadoon started. Nothing really special happened at Brig, but I did have some fun conversations with a few people there. I was reminded of a crappy time where I got caught on the school's roof, though....I'll tell that story sometime later, too. We were there until 11:30. Hectic, it was. I hope we don't work on it that late again....

Anyway, there's my day for ya. It seems I've set up at least two more blogs for the future:
  1. What I'm planning with 100 clothespins
  2. My truly scary roof story
It's late, so I'm going to bed. Show enough feedback (So....Leave a comment!!) and I'll consider typing up those two future topics sooner than later. Have a great time doing whatever you may be doing this week!