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    We carry notebooks everywhere in our college lives, with often a different one for each class, so the simple act of writing down our thoughts at the turn of a fresh page is always available.

    Altogether, biology, English, math, come together into a myriad of experiences and ideas throughout the day.

    Old ideas combine with new, and we learn from our sepia-toned past.

    The background image is a sepia-tone shot of interlinked spiral notebooks - the eiptome of Sepiated Spirals.

Friday, November 12, 2010

(a title for another day)

Being bored to the point of just wanting to go to sleep isn't much fun.  I could read my book, but it's been boring lately. (They need to find that darn weather-changing bowl, already!!) Ahem...
No Snow Ball, no roommates around, no fun-time invites from friends that I'm too lazy to talk to first myself....meh; it's a boring night as of a few hours ago. It also doesn't help that the only thing on my mind right now is essentially out of reach, and "for now" or "forever" is pretty much unclear as of yet. Times change, dang it. Sometimes you have to wish they didn't, right? Oh well...

Ya know what I need to do, though? I need to throw in some witty writing and comical....something. And maybe some pictures. I hear-tell that pictures are what a blog are. Maybe? Maybe. Perhaps when I find my digital camera's memory card somewhere in my room I'll throw some up here. It is lacking in the visual department.

Part one of Harry Potter 7 is coming out next weekend, so, after the jazz concert on Tuesday, that's the next big event coming up.

I need a laugh or two!


  1. Weather changing bowl? My nerdy WoT-senses are tingling . . .

  2. That's right, hahaha. Only 200-someodd pages into book 7 and it's creeeeeping by much too slowly... :P

  3. I should have texted you, but sadly I wait for others to talk to me first as well. It means a lot of waiting.