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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Alt Space twist (literally)

**Note: I used "literally" the correct way. Most people mix up the ideas of "literally" and "figuratively". Hehe, I am a giddy goat!**
(xkcd comic #725)

Snap....I forgot about a post for Monday, but this one'll have to do (and if it counts, I DID have one that I tried to post with my phone [Alltel fail], so...I'm still consistent with my MWF plan!). It'll be more elaborate from a computer, anyway, 'specially without a texting character limit.

So there was a new Alt Space that opened up today that blew me away. It was such a crazy, awesome, random idea that seemed so simple, yet totally caught me pleasantly by surprise.

Takin' it easy.
Extreme wall-sitters
Behold:  the truth.

I think it's pretty cool. It reminds me of when I wanted to walk on the walls and ceiling when I was a kid...*cue dream-like music, wavy video effect, and reminiscent look into a top corner of the room*
One time, someone had a birthday party at my grandparents' house, and another someone-- it might have been one uncle or another--cut out foot-shaped pieces of paper and stuck them to the walls and ceiling. I was thoroughly convinced that someone had walked on the walls in order to get them to stick on there. Doing just that has been a dream of mine ever since.
I took those pictures with my phone, which explains the crappy quality, so I'll wander down there with my digi-camera and edit 'em into this post.
That's the gist of it... For those of you at Snow, go check it out. I'm pretty sure it'll still be up all next week, too, considering this week's only two days long.
Some interesting things about it, as were written in the comment book:

  • Everything solid-/heavy-looking is made out of cardboard (couch, end table, fireplace...)
  • Gullible is written on the "ceiling" above you. 
  • The heaviest thing on the wall is the rug (according to a co-creator that was there when I was takin' a gander.
Huh. That's all I can remember. Impressive feat, creators.

Once again, thanks to all who come here to read this, even at a glance. :)


(Note to self....crap, I had an idea for a cool post, but--oh, wait, now I remember:  "The Cove!" - the comedy blog that never came to be!  I'll write about what a couple of the episodes would have been about, possibly with illustrations!)


  1. basically the coolest thing i've ever seen. ever.

  2. BAHHH! Why didn't I go see that?? That's magic!