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Friday, November 5, 2010

A day of who-knows-what -> just a freewrite/update

Today has been pretty decent. Nothing extraordinary, but nothing boring. I guess it can be described as well-balanced. So far... With at least 8 more hours of waking time, who knows what else could happen and tip the scales one way or another?

My Art 1010 test that I got back today was satisfactory. Apparently everyone but a few people bombed it (by her definition of 'bombed', I guess you could say I did, too). Even then, she added a good 10 points to everyone's score, so I pulled through with a 93 (strange, though, seeing as an 85 was written on my test itself...), so how can I complain? Ultimately, my final grade right now is a 99.something -- A+ according to the curve -- so a petty 93 didn't hurt anything at all. I'll pull through that class just fine.
Fine, at least, supposing that the group project will snap together. It's tough coordinating it all. I can pick out things I want to say, but I can't take a huge leap of leadership and say, "Okay, guys, you just read this and this and this...." They've gotta pull their own weight! One of us four hasn't even met with us yet. Jokes all around today that we ought to fire him... We have 25 days.

Horn choir is kicking trash, in a good way. Today we practiced on the stage for the big night on Thursday (yes, that means you need to come and listen, if you can.....). Madrigal is sounding great, with just mild "Don't rush!" sections and spots of iffy intonation. It's a killer (still in a good way!). That single high G in Panis Angelicus is beating me over the head, but in comparison to how it was at first...("A high G from a low G octave jump!? I'll never make it sound good enough!")...it sounds good enough. As a side note, it's proven itself once again that practicing really does make a difference! Go figure... To think I made it by in high school without so much as playing anywhere outside of the band room in a not-a-concert situation. Makes me wonder how much better I could be.

Next up.... Interpersonal communication and Interpersonal Communication, aka COMM 2110; both varieties kicked in when I came back from horn choir.
One, I encountered a situation where I wished I were better at a certain type of communication, and in certain situations -- a sort of thing that is pure motivation to take a class on it, ya know? Well, sure enough, I'm in the class, so I sat in the hammock for a half hour just thinking about...stuff. Anything and nothing, and then some. It just kind of sucks that the class was canceled, but even then, here I am now, reading and writing the Blogosphere. It's therapeutic and stress-relieving.

Tonight, I'll take what comes and roll with it, whatever it may be. Typically, one would hope for a good thing to make a glance back toward making it a good day, but I think I'd be content with some down moments. It just means tomorrow will be better, right?

Nevertheless, a tomorrow always has the potential to be better than its yesterday.
Tomorrow might mean a trip to Richfield and a box of punch bags, anyway...


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