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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home again, with meaning

Home is home. What more can I say? It's not like I haven't been here every now and then, though. It's just nice that I don't have to worry about things for a few days. Plus it's Thanksgiving. Usually it's a family time, but this year my aunts and uncles aren't gonna be down here. That's okay, though. It was snowing, so better they don't risk it. But without lots of people to cook for, there's not going to be as much food. Still, why bother? And anyway, food is just the tradition. A friend of mine mentioned that Thanksgiving is for gratitude, and tradition should just take a backseat. I guess that's what this year will be about, here.
(end of mindless ramblings)
(P.S. You can't print anything with those triangular brackets--like /\ only turned on its side--on Blogger. Y'know, the Shift + , and Shift + . ones? Yeah, it thinks I'm doing html code...whatever, Blogger.)

Yesterday, the president of Snow came into my biology class at around 11:00 and told us that the rest of the classes were cancelled for the day so everyone could beat the storm home. I wasn't worried about anything. The storm was expected to hit the hardest in the north, anyway. I joked and thought it would be funny if the storm pretty much died out and the south wouldn't get any of it.

We really didn't. I was disappointed, honestly. It was just a bunch of wind and a, "Oh, hey, look, it's snowing." How do you spell "ripped off"? (That's rhetoric, folks; I know, so save the trouble don't say it.)
The only thing gained from it, though, is an orange sky--a staple of winter, if you ask me. Have a gander:

It's pretty much the best. The perfect night includes that, no wind, and lots of snow. (and maybe a snowman and a sword.....yeah, some nights are better like that... Sadly, no visual aids of this could be found online at the time of this posting. I think it's up to me to change that. Keep an eye out...)

It also means Christmas is getting closer. I love the feeling of Christmas. It's just cheery. Surely you all know, right? I'm not talking about the feeling of, "Woohoo, I get some free stuff from my parents and people who love me!" Definitely not that. I can't support that, especially after I nearly condemned holiday tradition at the beginning of today's post.
Who knows, though, that feeling I have about Christmas might be the memories I'm tapping into from my childhood back when I did value the presents-tradition over the ideas. In either case, who cares? I look at Christmas now as a family time. That is true tradition: family.

I'll leave it at that.


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