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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where am I headed?

Last time I wrote anything here it was about what my summer plans were going to be.
Well, one (and definitely the plan I had in mind from the beginning) is now in effect.

I'm writing right now from my aunt's computer up in the big hubub city that's...... (Ah, screw it, it's kinda too late and pointless to not name names and stuff when I have a link to my Facebook page here).

I'm in Springville now, looking for a job and staying in my aunt and uncle's spare bedroom. (Hah...Narnia flashback with that'n. Sadly, there is no large, grand wardrobe in it. :[  )
So far I've applied at a Gamestop, an orchard, and.....that's pretty much it.

I did get really lucky, though (if it works out), when I ran into a lady friend (meaning older woman--a mom) whose husband had connections to a tire store in Provo that was in need of working help. I still need to give that guy a call and check that place out. I'll be doing that today, and finding more summer orchard stuff :P

So, bar none, I live here now, and I don't know what to do...
I don't know what kinds of thing to do, what kinds of places there ARE ("...apart from everything...") so I'm hopefully not gonna be bored out of my mind. That's suppposin' a job doesn't occupy a lot of my time, anyway.
I need a good friend system. Frankly, I can't always hang with one person all the time, because she's got a job, lots of friends, and all that other jazz. (...heh. Hi, you, reading this after requesting more blogging ;)  )
(Of course, there's nothing wrong with hanging out!! Believe me when I say I want to -- but you know what I'm sayin', hehe. Fer your sake...).

So, friends (except those of you who used to live up here and are now back in Richfield....grrr, haha), let's do something. Drag me along to one of your outings so I can make some friends and have this place feel more like home. Pleeeease...? :)

Eh....if you don't have my number, FB message me or something and I'll give it to ye. ....Yeah, all you 10 people who read this, anyway.....hah......

Take it easy!

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