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    We carry notebooks everywhere in our college lives, with often a different one for each class, so the simple act of writing down our thoughts at the turn of a fresh page is always available.

    Altogether, biology, English, math, come together into a myriad of experiences and ideas throughout the day.

    Old ideas combine with new, and we learn from our sepia-toned past.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Phenomena Series - 2

This is another addition to strange/cool/interesting worldly phenomena that I run into and discover.

Phenomenon #3 (I hope it's three; I can't remember the last from Series 1):
When you get a big drink of water, if you fill up a big cup with hot water first--about halfway--then quickly fill it up with cold water, it provides an interesting temperature sensation... When you drink it immediately after adding the cold, you drink warm water first, then as it goes down, it turns colder.

On that note...
Phenomenon #4 (again, don't judge my counting prowess):
Take three bowls of water: one filled with cold water, one filled with hot water, and another with warm--in the middle. Put one hand in the cold bowl and one in the hot for a li'l bit. Then put both into the warm water.
The cold-water hand "seeks out" the warmth, and the hot-water hand feels the cold.

Call it a left- and right-handed perspective.
(Ooooo, that line gives me chills.)


  1. I totally learned number four from Bill Nye, years ago.

  2. Hahaha, Bill Nye sounds about right.