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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Terraria and a night of dreams

I play games. That's not a new thing to most of you, is it? Sorry if it disappoints you that I sit for hours staring at a screen. It doesn't disappoint me so much when it's a really good game.

Terraria is one of those games.

It had me up until the wee hours of 5:45am two nights ago, just playing it. It's like Minecraft, like a 2D Super Nintendo RPG, and like.....(I don't know, I ran out of things to compare it to.).
So that's that. Asleep on my couch at 6:00am.

Then I was awake three hours later because my dad and Preston were talking about the power being out.
Apart from being reeeeeally tired and kind of not caring, I was awake now, couldn't go back to sleep, but now my Terraria was down for the count.
I guess a sub station blew up or something that cut power from Manti all the way down to Wayne County. Projected uptime: 2:00.

So I sat around a lot. I ate some cold food. I played games on electronic devices that were quickly running out of battery power.
I guess now's the time to touch on the fact that my family is different-er, I've noticed. We didn't have a jolly old time together. We did our own things. Each had a phone out, or mini Tetris game, or other something, and when I (albeit sarcastically) asked if anyone wanted to play a card game it was a stark "nah."  Hmm. Oh well.

I went to Annabella, where they had power, and played Terraria with my uncle and others until around midnight. My phone was terminally ill, having no power to charge it, so an entire day of careless gaming, no cell phone, etc., was really nice. Then I drove home still on 3 hours of sleep.

The dreams I had were interesting. During one, I knew I was dreaming, but I was so out-of-it that I couldn't wake up. I kept thinking, "Okay, when I close my eyes and open them, I'll be awake, and this will be the real world."  It 'worked' once (in the dream..), but then I blinked, and went back.
But, ah, lucid dreaming. It's fun, and very elusive. It's just too bad that this was one lucid dream that I wanted to get out of, so I didn't think to change it and make it epic.

Later I dreamt (That's a word! British English says so.) of a Walmart that looked like a study hall, friends from Snow (Hah, one kid always calls me JL, but he called me Justin in this one.), a clear cell phone which was SOOOO cool, and a visit from a thought that I've pushed to the back of my mind. That thought kept the plot rolling...Shoot.
I guess what my mind is trying to tell me is like what the Beatles said: "I get by with a little help from my friends."

Then I woke up to my cell phone ringing the Final Fantasy 6 boss battle theme. I guess it was a good morning.

Now for more Terraria.

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  1. thats kind of funny. me and my family were down in Monroe on monday and we had power. in fact from our back window we could see the power line pole that had a silver box thingy that was smoking!(i think that caused some of the power outages) any way that funny thing is that we had power. you could have come over!! exept i don't know if our internet works down there...