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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am a moron. But I blame...

Last night was a funny night. I was talking to a friend, and near-death experience talk popped into the conversation. It's ironic that I couldn't think of any at the time. It figures that fifteen minutes later would give me a nice conversation starter.

I spent most of the day in Provo/Orem/some in transit to Lehi. Ate extremely spicy Del Taco. Had a kid beat me at ping pong. Had cake batter ice cream. Watched Pirates 3. Found a geocache. Then I started for home around 10:50.

I am a moron. But I blame the fact that there are multiple visible "arrow" stoplights that beckon traffic their way. I happened to be looking at the wrong one. There were cars waiting to my left to cross over from the freeway exit, and when "my light" turned green, I started out. But....what the heck were THEY doing? This stupid Utah traffic--of course they would make me try to cross through.

Of course not, you moron.

So I stopped in the middle of the wide intersection, still baffled at what the heck they were all doing, but noticed that the same corresponding lane on the other side had a green light, too, and cars were now coming toward me.
Now what was I thinking? Something like, "Hmm, I need to get back to my stop-here-at-red-light line. Or die. Or something." So I threw it into reverse, somehow dodging one lane of cars entirely (I didn't bother to try looking out for them. Figures.) and pulled back into my place, all fine and dandy. Minus the adrenaline and weight of potential near-accident crushing me.

I'm glad I didn't die, that the oncoming cars weren't cruising extra-fast, and that the time of night offered significantly less traffic. Joy.

Did I have nightmares? No. Not about this.

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