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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Interesting times

It's been a long while since I last updated this. Lots has happened; some things I might go into, others I'll keep to myself because a public blog isn't the place for it.

Not too long before the 4th, I was convinced to be a part of the city's musical, Brigadoon. I'm a dancer in it, plus random filler and whatnot throughout it. So far, it's been really fun -- it distracts me from other matters after a long day, and I welcome anything that will raise my spirits these days. We're set to perform (and hopefully perform well) August 15, 16, & 18 at 7:00, with a 2:00 performance on the 16th. Four shows total. Four new experiences for me. Yes, this happens to be the first thing I've done involving singing, dancing, and theater all rolled into one.

Brigadoon won't be my last, though. As in my earlier blogs, I'll be in Macbeth too. Word is finally going around that practice will start in the first week of August. I seriously can't wait. This summer has dragged on too long. Too much drama, too many bored days, and too much brain-deterioration. I gotta do something "intelligent" before I snap! I haven't had a talk with smart people about smart stuff in too long a time. So someone, anyone: talk to me. Tell me about that cool new gadget you found surfing around online one day, or about how you think a plant perceives time. Sure, being fun and crazy at a party is fun, but after two months of that, you'd get bored. Nearly anyone would. So please, let's talk and have a different kind of fun for a change...

..Well, the 4th was awesome, as always. The fireworks were great. It always gets me when I think that a bunch of flammable chemicals packed into a 3- to 7-inch ball can be shot into the air to explode above our heads with a massive concussive blast, just for pure enjoyment.
But, that feeling lasted for just that one day. The week leading up to it, and the few days after the 4th, felt like the longest in my life. Mark down one thing I won't say more about here, for the sake of many people.

So anyway, I've been sitting here doing other things while wondering what to say here, and can't think of anything. I'll try to remember other things and post em.

Until later,


  1. Wow, you've been having a funner time than I have! Jealous! lol

    What? It's summer! Intelligence during the summer? You on crack?! lol jk

    Nah, my brother-in-law has been trying to give me math equations for the past few weeks. Kinda glad he's been doing it cause he's refreshing my memories.

    Stoker! Smile lots, think positively, don't do drugs, buckle up and keep the rest of your summer fun and safe!

  2. Hey Stoker! Sounds like you've been having an average summer! They're pretty lame, huh. For 9 months you're stuck in school, wishing only that you could party all you want and not worry about homework; then summer comes, and a few weeks into it you're sick of it and need some kind of schedule and deadlines to stick to as well.

    Sounds like your summer has been pretty rough too. If you ever need anyone to talk to to vent or for advice, you know I'm here for ya. I can't guarantee my conversations will always be intelligent and thought provoking, but I can try!

    Email me, Message me, Call me (435.201.7415) ^_^ Things will work out, I'm sure of it!

  3. Did you know that every force known to man has an exact opposite? That is every force but one.... Gravity. Gravity only is a positive force. No one has seen in the natural world or beyond, anything to indicate Anti-Gravity. Sci-Fi books are the only place you find "anti-gravity". So, is gravity really a force? The only thing that I can think of that counter acts gravity is bouyancy. Boats float, so do airplanes. Also, the capillary action of water in a tube will defy gravity. Theoretically gravity can be produced by movement such as a large space station spinning on its axis; however, the gravity produced would push a person outwards not inwards. It has something to do with inertia and centripetal acceleration. So.... if you want something to gnaw on for the rest of the summer...... come up with a theory of GRAVITY. You will win the Nobel prize and millions of dollars if you do.


  4. I'm glad you decided to be in Brigadoon. It's good stuff. Looking forward to the performances. And Macbeth, what can I say? That will be a whole new experience. It's always good to try and learn new things. Keeps the brain working.

    Mrs. Weber