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    We carry notebooks everywhere in our college lives, with often a different one for each class, so the simple act of writing down our thoughts at the turn of a fresh page is always available.

    Altogether, biology, English, math, come together into a myriad of experiences and ideas throughout the day.

    Old ideas combine with new, and we learn from our sepia-toned past.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Archives, Vol. II

More hits on the counter; pretty awesome!

I'm here to relay another tidbit of history from my old blog. This entry was in one of my downtimes (I seemed to have a lot of those...) in which I wrote a poem. When it comes to writing, I don't really like to do it, but now and then something just comes to me, and it's pretty surprising to show myself what I'm capable of. Here's hoping you like the poem, Long Forgotten.

December 29, 2006

Long Forgotten
J. L. Stoker

Gone are the days when the summers were fun,
When in night the shadows were shallow and none.

Anymore it's not like that. Can't you see?
The dreams have vanished of friends that would be.

They sit, now, apart, not thinking of friends,
But now of times that have come to an end.

"United we stand," yet we're all sitting down.
We show no emotion, just a frown.

I just wish we could all stand up once more,
And tell all the frowns, "That's what friends are for."

I didn't post this because I'm feeling down now. If anything, I'm feeling much better, and hopeful that I can tap into that strangely evading Source and write more things like this in the future.

I'm sure you can probably relate to it; I wrote it that night just for that reason.
Maybe it reminds you of an old friend that just kind of dissolved away in hectic times, or something else only you personally would understand.

All-in-all, I hope you enjoyed this second flashback :)


  1. Wow! that was really awesome!

  2. Heeeeyyyyyy! I remember this! Dang, just by reading these archives, they're giving me flashbacks. o.O *shudders* Both good and bad times.
    Stoker, you're really a good writer! Keep it up and who knows, you could become famous! ^_-

  3. hey, this is amazing. . . definitely something that i think we can all relate to in one way or another (i know i can, for sure). and i agree with Mo. ^_^ you are a fabulous and talented writer, which is hopefully something i'm building up to little by little, like you have. (: