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Monday, June 9, 2008

Woeful Wounds!

Pain is common, right now. I'm not complaining--just informing.
  1. My right foot is bruised, as is my lower back.
  2. My left elbow got tramp-burned...It's still burning.
  3. I pulled a muscle in my right side.
  4. There's a small welt from a large metal spatula on my left hand.
  5. On my right hand, a wooden spoon made an interesting crack sound as it raised a bump on my ring finger.
  6. My lips are chapped.
  7. Oh, I forgot one last time I posted...There's a welt on my left ear. I got shot by an airsoft gun.
It's interesting how I'm growing used to it, though. On that note, here's a thought: Could we have unknown pains somewhere, but we don't know it because it feels normal? Ya gotta wonder.
See you later.

1 comment:

  1. AAAaaahhhh! Most of those are from ME! I'm sorry!! :'( (laughing and feeling sorry at the same time)

    Oh, and you prolly Can have unknown pains that are unknown only because they're there all the time, so your body has gotten used to them... (I just explained it while addressing it.:P.)