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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Wow, it's been a while. We've yet to even watch the videos we made back from my last post, so don't expect it to be up on Youtube as soon as I made it seem.

So, school's out for summer!! 'Bout friggin time, isn't it?? This is definitely a good time for everyone, what with no more homework and all that to worry about. I'm at least glad, if that counts for anything.

I'm hoping to be called out for Camp Crew sometime this summer, and get big bucks ($$$$ <-- quadruple digits, baby!) I was planning to buy a computer, but I think I'll wait on that and just splurge now and then, here and there. Can't get too ahead of myself, though; I've yet to find out if I'll be called out.

That's the one thing that could happen at any time during the summer, so we'll see. Other things I have/get to do are.....
  • Minigolfing on the 10th!!
  • Youth Court Conference, 11th-14th
  • Mormon Miracle Pageant, 14th
  • Marching Band starts, 17th
  • Another band thing on the 21st with Ryan
That's just June, and July will be pretty great, too, when I discover what I'm going to do.

Anyway, yesterday Becky and I decided we'd make a cake. We mosey-ed on down to the store to buy mix and frosting, and had the genius idea to make it.....MULTICOLOR-ed!!!!! I'll try to remember to send the pictures of the finished product from my phone and post them :P.

While we waited for the twin circular cakes to cool, we got on the computer to look at Guitar Hero 4 stuff (really, it's Guitar Hero: On Tour), and found out it'll be released October 27, 2008. What's more, is there will be drums....FINALLY.Rock band isn't my thing, so I'm glad GH is getting on the right track. We ran into some random tech blogs, like www.geekologie.com, that were hilarious. I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. Definitely worth checking out---BUT: watch out for....er....questionable content. Apparently Becky says he found how to use the F-Bomb now and then, plus he's kind of suggestive. It's easy to see it coming, though, so you'll be laughing at the safer things more often than reading the annoyingly retarded stuff.

And there it is, my blog, updated once again. Thanks for reading if you did, and for the sake of Becky's blog (and in thanks for reminding me to update mine), here's the link to Becky's Blog.

**Becky: Just gotta say thanks for being there. The few times we've been able to chat have been the best. I hope we can just hang out like that more often.


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