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Sunday, August 14, 2011


This one is for all you photographers.

You know those glasses you get when movie theaters charge you $3 extra for movies in the third-dimension?
Google -- It's your turn, Google. Work your magic...

 Yes. These. Thanks, Google.

These radially-polarized glasses have very interesting properties. You can read about how they work on Google somewhere. (I tried to find a good site to link, but there are too many of varying informative values. Too bad for you.)

One thing in particular, though, is how a single lens, when looked through it properly, limits reflected light.

After rigging up my camera with one of these lenses, I took these two pictures of my hardwood floor:

Left is the non-filtered shot, and the right is filtered. The color is better, and the reflection is virtually gone.

Supposedly, overcast days (like today...) don't allow the full effects of these types of filters to show through, but what you see is still very dramatic anyway, eh?

So go see a good movie, snag some glasses, and make a filter if you're bored.

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