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    Altogether, biology, English, math, come together into a myriad of experiences and ideas throughout the day.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's all just dandy

I sit here, again in the library, checking my email, Facebook, and Sepiated Spirals (which I may reformat, soon....maybe.)

The first day of classes was today. First, Japanese is going to be very different, especially as a tutor. My show-up days are optional--I can choose which ones I want to come to--but seeing as I immensely want a good refresher course, I'll be showing up every day. I'll most likely be doing just as much work (if not more to really learn it to teach it) than the fresh, new....erm....freshmen.

A Cappella Choir is very different, too. The usual crew is gone, and all new faces have popped in. They're new to me, at least. Ya know, years pass and students come back and all that.... We're hitting it hard sooner this semester to learn Brahms Requiem. Dr. Meredeth says it's high-intensity music in German, nonetheless, but it doesn't surprise me because I know that back in the day I played some Requiem in one band or another. I should remember what it sounds like, but I don't. Meh.

Pre-calculus has a grand total of 10 people in it. Maybe 11. I don't know; apparently I can't count. Ironic, isn't it? What's great is that we already have something due: a little 5 (maybe 6; again, counting) question worksheet about real numbers. I appreciate how we're starting simple, but my roommates are in lower-end maths, and they have homework on the same stuff. Oh well. I had a chance to teach EJ a bit, and learn it better myself.

On the roommate note, things are looking up. A good ol' friend of mine said I need to give them a chance. I halfheartedly agreed, but I guess my subconscious wanted to be reasonable and made it happen. So beyond the blaring profanity and slightly inappropriateness of a couple of the guys, I have a little sanctuary in my room where I can escape. EJ is a return-missionary, so that bit adds to it. I am fortunate, and I'm glad I won't be a nobody to them. I'm still germophobic about the shower, buuuut..... Oh well. It's livable.

Mission prep restored a feeling in me that I haven't felt for quite a while. It was comforting. Home-y. Definitely a, "This is where I should be. Right here, right now, this is it," feeling. Brother Scott is amazing at teaching. I hate to downgrade any other mission prep teachers I've experienced, even if for only a couple lessons total, but Brother Scott is immensely better for me. His style is in-your-face, heartfelt, and presented as, "Do it not only because I said you should, but because this is what you want, need, and should do."

I won't consider this work--that seems too negative in today's light. It's a positive, inspiring word that eludes me.

Imagine that word left you inspired, even though it's not really here.

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