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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Think, as a proper noun.

It HAAAS been some time since I've graced my blog with a new post. (Suddenly I think it needs another overhaul, too...hmm. Eventually.)

Today I had a thought. It made me think. (Ironically, that's a no-brainer, right?)

Consider this: We humans have some pretty well-working systems.

My first thought was of roads. Richfield's main street has two lanes per north- and southbound traffic-s-s, as well as a turning lane right down the middle. How simple is that system that *rarely* do accidents occur, and tons of metal, plastic, and designer leather interiors pass within feet of one another without problem?

Then I saw a garbage can sitting on the side of the road. That system is just as intriguing. I don't know how, exactly, but is is.

Phones, mobile and wired, are another. Electricity is another. Networking is another. Government is another.

Granted, many people complain about it all. Their phones are too slow, the stoplight has "something against them" and changes at all the wrong times, judicial systems are lacking, [government, government, politics, goverment, etc.].

And ya know what? I agree. It all sucks. None of it is perfect. But it's there. We have cell phones. The sewers take care of things that we have too many euphemisms for to avoid talking about them. Even poverty-ridden countries have systems, albeit different from others, that work.

That's what I thought today. It isn't exactly a "think of what we're so lucky to have" thought, either. My mind is sadly phased-out of that.... That's for another blog entry, if ever.
I just like to think.

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