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Friday, February 11, 2011

Yclept: Return

Tonight is the night of the big Valentine's or Sweethearts or whatever it is dance thing at the Institute in commemoration of Valentine's Day next Monday. It's one of those few girls' choice dances -- and probably the only one here at Snow -- where the men get to take a break from the formal dance scene for once. (Emboldened foreshadowing? Perhaps.)

Meanwhile, I just came from an INSANE basketball game... CSI (College of Southern Idaho) wiped the floor in the girls' game, but the guys put up one of the top games I've seen, ever.

It was down to the last few minutes and they were barely ahead of us by 2 to 5 points throughout 'em. In the last minute the li'l dude who I don't know the name of dropped the clock down to 10 seconds just standing there, FREAKING us out! Ev'rbody was yelling, "GO! GO! Shoot! Do something!" As always, a foul went flying and we were down by one, 61-62, in the last 0.5 seconds, with two foul shots to try to win it. It is really needed to say that we won it? Hah, 'cuz we did. (What a resolution, eh? I was never the best at the decrescendo after a big buildup.)

 Anyway, that preceded the dance for the most part, so on the way out folks were talking 'bout it much.
I didn't plan on going. It's girls' choice, anyway, so when I wasn't asked, I wasn't going.
Simple as that. No sad feelings, no dreading a boring night all alone while everyone is out dancing. I'm fine with it. Until [you, ambiguous] came along and kept asking me if I was going, and even offering a girl's hand in date-ship for the night. I had no plans to go. 

I'm not okay with how everyone thinks that not going is a bad thing. I heard one too many, "Oh, sad,"s and "Why not!?"s that, yeah, I do feel kind of bad about not going now. Do people think that those who aren't asked to dances sit around and mope? No way! Why would it fix anything? It's just like any other day with things to do, games to play, and not-dances to think about. Then [you], again, presented it to my previously-overwhelmed subconscious that it was a bad thing. Think, my friends. Think.
That's all.

Blah, what a note to blog to after nearly a month and a half. It won't all be like this, but lately I need some let-out. Rhett is in Peru doing Good, so those let's-play-pool-because-life's-not-so-great-today moments don't happen with anyone. I guess it's what I need.

I need mental reformation.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH I totally feel the same way!! (You do not need mental reformation because you are right.) I am exactly the same way! Whenever I don't get asked to something, I am ok with it and I move on, clear up until somebody tries to set up a pity date for me! hahaha yeah...(btw, we still need to hang out sometime)

  2. That little dude's name was Reggie and that drove me CRAZY when he just stood there! Guh! That game was so intense! But super awesome. :)

    Yeah, I know how you feel, I didn't go to the dance either and I am totally not bothered by it. :) I am also going to be single on Valentine's Day, which also doesn't bother me.