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Monday, December 20, 2010

Lasso rhymes with "Yeah, so?"

My headset became terminally ill today. Actually, it was last night. At first, I thought the people I was talking to online were turning their head away from their microphones mid-sentence, creating a kind of Doppler effect.
(Could I just have invented Pseudo-Voice Inflection Blogging? PseuVIB? P-VIB? Maybe. HuhIt could work. The reaquestion is, do you get what it is I'm doing with this? Maybe not. Something that great inherently takes too long to do, so will never work, except for the Awesome among us. I'm an Awesome.)

It was just a short in the side that the input wires went into. When it comes to shorted wires, there are usually quick-fixes -- like moving it around until it works fully again, and taping it in that position..... and re-taping it with another layer (or 5) because it still doesn't work.... Yeah, it's workable.

However, I, being the conceited genius that I am, pried the earpiece off and started gutting the thing.

It is now no longer working at all. Go figure. It's not even quick-fixable.

I couldn't throw it into a corner and save it for a rainy day just yet, though. My separate microphone was still taped to the un-working all-of-it, and the cords were twisted around each other with a dire need (as dire as a dead piece of electronics stuck to a still-alive piece of electronics can have) to be free from one another.

First I went at it by just untwisting them by hand. It was slow and awkward to do while sitting in a banana chair with a keyboard on my lap.
Next, I stood up and let gravity take a turn while I pulled on the two wires to make it spin (you've all done something like that, right?). It didn't work, either. It made a mess of things, actually.

I now had a single wire in hand, and another coiled around it about halfway down. My next logical step was to swing one wire around my head in the air like a lasso. I promptly stopped because the open door was to my back, and anyone walking by would wonder what the heck I was doing.

That's when I decided to blog about this embarrassing moment that no one to *this* moment knows about [yet]. Just like the title says--why be shamed in more proof that I am stranger than you? Yeah. That's what thought.

Resurrection of the blog after finals: Success

See ya, with a mustache. (How that is interpreted is up to you.)
--Stoker  :{D

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