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    We carry notebooks everywhere in our college lives, with often a different one for each class, so the simple act of writing down our thoughts at the turn of a fresh page is always available.

    Altogether, biology, English, math, come together into a myriad of experiences and ideas throughout the day.

    Old ideas combine with new, and we learn from our sepia-toned past.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Santa doesn't do his laundry at his home...

After a a couple weeks in college, I found my clean clothes stash dwindling. The apartments I'm living in don't have free washers/dryers in the apartments, but there are some coin-op units on the basement level. Who in college wants to spend 2 valuable dollars to wash clothes? I surely don't.

I loaded up my dirty laundry and hopped in my car to do it at a certain friend's apartment that has a washer/dryer in it. On the way, I saw my Santa hat on the passenger seat and put it on. Gotta love the Santa hats...

After 3 1/2 hours of washing and drying (the dryer ultimately left everything mostly warm and damp), I loaded everything into my white, mesh laundry bag, slipped on my Santa hat, and left the apartment. People were in the hallway, and when they saw me with a big, bulging bag......they laughed. But it's okay. I had a good moment of fun and laughed with them.


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