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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I delete for spelling, and other ramblings.

Every now and then I see Facebook posts that display lack of sympathy for those grammaticians who strive for grammatical and spelling perfection. On such occasions, every now and then I delete that post from disgracing my news feed and my Facebook enjoyment alike.
When such "friends" of mine tarnish my feed more than, say, three times, they will promptly be hidden from my sight until I remember to check up on my blocks and consider whitelisting them again.

Now, about the shows "Survivor" and "Amazing Race" (among others--those two have definitely done it, and often):  Old players are coming back. That's slightly unfair, in my ranting opinion. Sure, some didn't win the $1,000,000, but some who did are BACK!? The audience likes 'em, but....give it a rest.

Boston Rob, for example, was on Survivor, got the girl and "won", then he and his wife went to Amazing Race. They already had their moments of fame, so that was lame to begin with. That wasn't the end of it, though. Rob is back on this current season of Survivor, along with more people from previous seasons.
Also, the current season of Amazing Race is called "Unfinished Business", with teams from past seasons, as well.
Give the new guys a chance, producers!

Survivor is getting away from its roots, too. There are too many twists, catches, and hidden immunity idols lately. It's cool, but the old stuff -- straight-up Survivor -- has its place.

In Japan, when that petroleum plant blew up, it looked a lot like a mushroom cloud, aka, a nuclear explosion.
Couple that with the overall destruction, and with the nuclear reactor meltdown and the cesium radiation released, I can't help but associate this to the Hiroshima bombing in my mind. It's just a thought I had a few days ago.
I'm still thinking out for those 日本人. がんばってね.

I now have a kite with a Japanese flag painted on it (the Justice League wasn't cutting it anymore), which is for those who are injured and killed. I want to make 1000 paper cranes, too.

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